Hey. I'm Colin.
I'm a full-stack growth marketer focused on B2C, D2C, and real estate tech.

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Growth solutions for digital consumer businesses.

I've spent the last 7 years cultivating a wide growth-focused skillset that enables me to efficiently collaborate with marketing, product, and engineering teams.

I consider myself a full-stack growth marketer. I design and execute on cohesive growth strategies that range from driving top of funnel traffic to redesigning product features with growth in mind.

I'm currently based in a small corner of Atlantic Canada, but I collaborate with a variety of clients remotely. Reach out here.


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Experience with some of fastest growing startups in Silicon Valley and beyond.

"Colin is an extremely talented marketer, deep thinker, and always trying to make things simpler for end users."

- Maurizio del Vecchio, former Growth Strategist at Remote Year


"With Wine, poetry, or virtue, as you choose."

When I'm not working, you'll find me travelling, playing tennis, on my mountain bike, or stirring up some fun wherever I happen to be.

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