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May 30, 2020

Fixing Real Estate Finance with Stavvy's Kosta Ligris

This article originally appeared on www.buildingproptech.com, a retired blog where I interviewed proptech founders on how they were building and growing their businesses.

Hey Kosta! What’s your background and what led to you working in PropTech?

I had practiced real estate law and built title and settlement companies in New England and the East Coast. I have always looked at our industry and consumer lending as a massive opportunity to continue to develop and innovate.

What problem are you working to solve with Stavvy?

Trying to remove all the fragmentation that exists in the [real estate] purchase process. Ideally making the experience of buying, selling or refinancing smoother, more secure and transparent.

What’s the process been like as you build Stavvy?

Getting the right team together is the toughest part of any startup - you want to move fast but disciplined. It sets the tone and culture - and I have always been about people. Its people first - our people, our customers, etc.

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How have you gone about growing your user base and revenue? What has been most effective?

Partnerships with title insurance underwriters have been key for our growth and go to market. I have also leveraged my network of over 20 years in real estate.

What has been the hardest part of building, growing or monetizing Stavvy?

Changing behavior is always a tough task. And usually it is just getting people to embrace innovation and change, off of the status quo.

What insights about real estate and technology have you came to realize while building Stavvy?

Its complex - understanding how all of the parties and stakeholders think and interact are the key. The user experience is the magic that brings it all together and we obsess over that.

Where can we find out more about Stavvy and connect with you?

Visit us at stavvy.com.